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BEHIND-THE-SCENES: Summer fashion shoot

I wrapped an awesome summer fashion shoot with the gorgeous Mary Cann of Vision Models on Wednesday. She has the most beautiful doll face, with delicate, feminine features and big, expressive eyes. She's one of those models who doesn't really need to try — her resting face is naturally stunning and exactly what the fashion industry craves.

My art director and I have fashion shoot brainstorming sessions every so often, and I always find myself pushing the deserted, dingy small-town backdrop, so we decided to give it a whirl this issue. Something about putting a dolled-up model in a crappy bar with wood-panel walls and neon signs just appeals to me. And, of course, I knew just the place: Montgomery, the tiny factory town where I spent summers and holidays playing as a kid, and where my father grew up. It's "small town" to a T, and only an hour away (though it feels like another planet).

William Clark, our photographer, arranged for us to work out of a Tin Gypsy, or giant RV designed for photo shoots. We're using it again this week for a different fashion shoot — this time it'll be wedding dresses in a run-down barn setting. I'll be sure to snap a few behind-the-scenes shots for the blog!

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