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REVIEW (SO FAR): Lumixyl Brightening System


I was a little nervous to try the new Lumixyl Topical Brightening System. I hadn't run it by my dermatologist, and my boyfriend joked that I'd end up looking like a bleach-skinned Michael Jackson. But after several nervous emails with a Lumixyl rep, in which she reassured me that bleach is not involved and it's safe for sensitive skin, I decided to give it a go.

Lumixyl works as a four-step process aimed at diminishing hyperpigmentation in your complexion — things like sun spots and inflammation. I don't have much of that, but hey, who wouldn't like a brighter, more even skin tone? I'm game.

Step One
The first step in the process involves washing your face with a gentle cleanser. I'm definitely a fan of the cleanser so far. It's non-irritating, doesn't dry out my skin, and leave my face feeling soft.

Step Two
The second step is the application of the brightening cream, which is the key component in the process. It's also sold separately for those who don't want to use all four products. This goes on like a lotion, quickly abosrbing into the skin. The instructions warn that you must use a sunscreen after applying the brightening cream or you're at risk for hyperpigmentation — the very ailment you're trying to erase.

One downside to the cream is that they don't give you nearly enough. I suspect that's part of the plot to make you buy more. The other three products are far outlasting it, and I'm gonna be annoyed if I run out soon.

The first two steps happen morning and night, and the third and fourth steps only happen in the morning.

Step Three
The third product is an exfoliating lotion. It's a little awkward because you're only supposed to apply a thin layer across your skin, but it doesn't smooth on very easily, so I pat it on, then rub it in. It's pretty strong stuff and makes my face tingle and sting a little. After a week of daily use, my skin started getting dry and flaky, so I've started using the exfoliant every other morning. This seems to help.

Step Four
Lastly is a moisturizing SPF30 sunscreen. I'm a big fan of this stuff. It truly does moisturize your skin, which is especially soothing after using the exfoliant. It also absorbs quickly and isn't greasy at all. I have yet to test it out in some serious sunlight (thanks for nothing, Minnesota weather), but so far, no sunburns!

Does the system work?
I've been using the four-step system for about a month, and so far it hasn't really brightened my complexion. But it has helped control breakouts and makes my skin feel super soft. And technically, it can take up to two months for results to show. So, I'll keep using it for another month and check back in with you then.

Grade: B-

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