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Plus-size models on Vogue Italia cover

A few of my Facebook friends linked to Fashionologie's story about Vogue Italia's new cover featuring three plus-size models, so I thought I'd spread the news. Pretty cool, right?

Usually when a fashion magazine goes the "plus-size" route, they feature a model like Crystal Renn, who's about as plus-size as a Victoria's Secret model, which is to say she's got boobs, but that's it. But these girls actually do have some meat on their bones! Not a ton compared to the average American woman (they're what — a size eight or ten, maybe?), but it's a step in the right direction (and this is Italy we're dealing with, technically).

I like the way this brings back the sexy Marilyn Monroe silhouette of yesteryear. It can be hard to consider a flat-chested, underweight nineteen-year-old beautiful in a traditional womanly way — and I'm as guilty as any editor when it comes to casting them! They make good hangers, but the women pictured above embody good ol' fashioned sexiness better than most of today's "it" girls.

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