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This weekend flew by in a blur of pizza, bikes, sushi, art, sparkly chandeliers and pretty people. I stopped by Haus Salon's opening night reception on Saturday night and saw a bunch of lovely peeps, then picked up my gal Meg and headed to Pink Hobo's art opening, which featured all sorts of amazing paper sculptures.

Afterward, we dined at Masu, a delicious new sushi restaurant around the corner. I highly recommend the Firecracker roll; it'll make your head explode with pleasure. Next we met up with Angie at Nye's Polanaise, a fantastic old timey bar I always forget about. I wrapped up my night with a group of friends at Jasmine 26, but by this point I was too sleepy to order anything.

On Sunday the city closed down Lyndale Avenue to allow for a kind of ramshackle street festival that merged with the Uptown farmers' market. I tried my first arepa, or Latin American cornmeal patty, which in my case, was filled with slow-cooked chicken. Tasty.

The block party ended at 2pm, so we split a pizza at Leaning Tower, then headed to St. Anthony Main for a movie.

All in all, it was a stellar weekend. How was yours?

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