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Summer To-Do List

It's only been, oh, seven days since summer really began — since the weather started to hover above 60 degrees and my sweater shelf started to look repulsive. And I wish it would never end.

Here are some things I'd like to do over the next three months:

1. Go to a baseball game, or several.

2. Hang out on a beach, even though beaches in Minnesota are kind of silly.

4. Play some horses at the racetrack. Win so much money that I consider buying a horse.


6. Attend as many fairs, festivals, block parties and outdoor events as possible.

7. Go to an amusement park and relish in the fact that even though I'm nearing my thirties, I can still ride rollercoasters with the best of 'em.

8. Remember to put sunscreen on my toes. Did you know that's the No. 1 place people get skin cancer? SCARY.

9. Find myself on a boat as much as possible. Even if it's illegal. (don't laugh if you see me sailing down the Mississippi on a shipping barge)

10. Find the perfect pair of sandals. I should've already done this, but perfection is a tall order.

11. Brush my hair as little as possible and acquire the perfect beachy mane.

12. Paint my toenails fun colors. This started today with sparkly aqua.

13. Hang out on rooftops or similarly high places. In fact, I resolve to find the highest place in Minneapolis and have a picnic there. (for example, the wing of an airplane)

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