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Summer So Far, Part IV

Seeing Janet Jackson and Stevie Nicks in the same week has almost made me lose my mind. It's too much fabulosity. I can't handle it.

So I broke things up with a bridal fashion shoot between the two. We traveled to the old Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee and shot a gorgeous Chicago model doin' her thang. Pretty dresses, pretty backdrop, pretty girl — all you need for a great story.

But back to Ms. Jackson and Stevie. I took videos of each.

How many of you listened to "Rhythm Nation" and "Janet" obsessively back in the '90s? If you're anything like me, you loved them to death, but it's been about that long since you last heard them. Allow me to take you on a bumpy ride down memory lane:

And here is the queen of classic rock, a living legend, style icon Stevie Nicks, singing one of her greatest hits:

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