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Arizona Muse for Vogue UK

I love everything about this fashion spread from the August issue of Vogue UK — the awkward-length pencil skirts, pointy heels and loose-fitting blouses; Arizona Muse's curly bob. But even more than the clothes, I love the unexpected composition and posing in these photos.

Urban, streetscape backgrounds are nothing new in fashion photography, but Australian photographer Lachlan Bailey gives this story a contemporary edge, shooting from inspired angles and catching the model between moments.

Speaking of which, I think Arizona Muse might be my new favorite model. She doesn't just do the intense-yet-vacant stare that so many girls have mastered, but rather, tells a story with her emotions. Even if it's as simple as a furrowed brow that seems to say "I think I took a wrong turn somewhere," or "This wind is freaking cold," it's much more interesting than the standard empty-eyed gaze.

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