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Coco & Breezy Spring/Summer 2012

20-year-old identical twins Coco and Breezy unveiled their latest eyewear collection at Wix Studios during New York Fashion Week on Tuesday. I first interviewed these girls two years ago when they were living with their parents and working at the Mall of America; now they're based in New York with a sunglasses line that's appeared on the likes of Nicki Minaj, Kelly Osbourne and Serena Williams, with press from Vogue Italia, the New York Times and Paper magazine.

I honest don't know how they've done it. When I was 20 years old, I was wearing a Phish t-shirt, playing hacky-sack in a parking lot and moping after an idealistic hippy in corduroy pants. (Let's just say things have changed since then.)

These sunglasses are definitely in line with the bold, sculptural direction the eyewear industry has taken lately. Though I must admit, the twins' mission statement for their collection really revealed their age:

"When you have Coco && Breezy eyewear on you can see and feel like you are on Planet Coco && Breezy. When you take your shades off, everything on earth is a blank space, due to those who are blinded to the future of fashion. The residents of Planet Coco & Breezy are still not accepted on earth. We are now in a new city called "Rainy Days," we welcome you."

This is where the umbrellas came into play. They shield the models from rain, or tears being shed by those who are taunted for being different.

Um, adorable. My 20-year-old self totally identifies with this. Keep it coming, ladies!

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