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Snapped at New York Fashion Week

Half the fun of attending the shows at New York Fashion Week is dressing up and getting snapped by street fashion photographers, which happens pretty much every time you walk in and out of Lincoln Center (at least if you're wearing something interesting). But it's impossible to keep track of which photographer is shooting for which blog/magazine/website.

Most notably, I was shot by Tommy Ton for (I recognized him, and he only shot my torso — his signature move — while I was wearing this outfit) and by Marco Scozzaro for, but neither of the photos made it online. I now have Scozzaro's business card though, which features a photo of a naked fat man on one side.

Here are a couple shots I've managed to find:

This one's from, a national beauty website. They wrote:

"You could spot Mary O'Regan's vibrant red hair from a mile away. She accessorized with a vintage scarf tied as a headband and a rosy lipstick - the perfect combination!"

I'm flattered to be featured alongside some of my favorite bloggers, including Kelly Framel of The Glamourai and Christina Caradona of Trop Rogue. My entire outfit is vintage, except for the necklace, which is by Bionic Unicorn.

The shot above was taken by Mayuko, a Japanese fashion blogger. She wrote:

"I first missed her in taking a photograph. However when I saw her again, I spoke to her immediately. She is very fashionable, she knows how to match her clothes and also she is a fashion blogger."

This outfit is also all vintage, except for the same Bionic Unicorn necklace, which — let's face it — I wear with everything. I'm actually wearing it with a t-shirt as I write this!

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