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NYC Fashion's Night Out 2011

The crowd outside Michael Kors:

Saks Fifth Avenue


Waiting for the subway

Rockefeller Plaza

Louis Vuitton


Miu Miu


Bergdorf Goodman

This was my first year at Fashion's Night Out in New York, and I must say, I wasn't terribly impressed. I think I was expecting more events and fewer ... just stores staying open a couple hours later.

But most disappointing were the atrocious lines to get into shops — and for what? At Sephora, bouncers were turning people away at the door and forcing them to wait in line, all to watch models pretend to get their hair and makeup done.

We'd heard Tiffany & Co. was decorated in a 1970s theme for the evening, but the crowd outside was so thick, we couldn't even get on the sidewalk. Same goes for Michael Kors, Yves Saint Laurent, Prada and Louis Vuitton.

We managed to squeeze into Miu Miu in the hopes of seeing bloggers Tavi Gevinson and Jane Aldridge's presentation, but they were long gone by the time we got there.

The best ended up being Bergdorf Goodman, which had performers enacting scenes in its beautifully decorated window displays.

If the point of Fashion's Night Out is to give tourists the courage to explore high-end shops without feeling awkward, then it's successful ... so long as those tourists don't mind waiting in long, disorganized lines to do so. Like Disney World, but more chaotic.

Perhaps I screwed up by spending Fashion's Night Out on Fifth Avenue? Could be. But when you have over 1,000 stores participating, and it's unclear which stores are actually doing something worth seeing, going to an area with a concentrated number of high-end shops seems like a good plan. Unfortunately, several thousand other people also had the same idea.

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