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Gone but not forgotten

Dinner with the fam, followed by a killer party.

Jay, me, Sarah, Katy

TJ, Kate, Anna

Molly, Danielle, Jahna, me, Stephanie, Vanessa

Adrianne, Brent

Tim, Liz, Kelly

Max & Ivan's bf

Laura, me, Ani, Brett

Kelly, Cory, Max

Katy the twin

Me & TJ

Molly, Courtney, Lindsey, Katie, Danielle


Pam, Zen

Jen, me, Larissa


Amy, Vanessa, Raul, me

Janet, Denny


Erick, Elijah

Cory, me, Maryhope, Ethan

Sarah, Jim


Tim, Evan, me, Liz

Me, Kevin, Lucie


Kate, TJ, me, Adam, Anna

Pam, Joey

Erick, Todd, Elijah

Lisa, me

Me, Cory, Stephanie, Jahna, Vanessa


Adrianne, me, Robert, Tim, Brent

On Saturday night my nearest and dearest gathered to bid me adieu before I took off for Seattle. The evening began with dinner at Tilia, one of my favorite Minneapolis restaurants. Then I hightailed it down to Honey Lounge for a crazy night featuring '90s dance music and endless hugs — everywhere I turned there was a new person to wrap my arms around! It was magical and dizzying and so bittersweet. I can't believe I'm leaving all of this behind. But, like the old proverb says, all good things must come to an end.

**Special thanks to Stephen for taking so many of these photos. He somehow managed to escape appearing in front of the lens, but he was there being awesome as always.

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Sun-kissed editorial and Seattle update

Love you, Mpls