Winter Capelet

I promised myself I'd get a capelet coat after watching Moonrise Kingdom a couple months ago. Never mind that the character wearing the coat in the movie is a mere 12 years old. And the fact that my boyfriend insists that capelets are actually cowls. (He's a bit of a Middle Ages / Renaissance geek hence the archaeic, if correct, reference.)

Anyway, a marketing company called GigaSavvy was kind enough to send me this particular Steve Madden coat to review. I typically associate Steve Madden with shoes, but the coat seems to be pretty well-made, and the capelet sits on my shoulders perfectly. I was a bit disappointed, however, that it didn't arrive with the cool textured buttons shown in the product pictures. My buttons are boring. Might have to switch them out at some point.

I should note that the faux-fur collar is removeable — that seals the deal for me. Sometimes a capelet + double-breasted buttons + waist tie + emerald green + faux-fur collar = a bit too much. But not today!

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