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OUTFIT POST: So Freaking '80s

OUTFIT POST: So Freaking '80s


photos by vera pashkevich

I like the weirdness of that last photo. Why am I jumping? Oh, I don't know ... because it's wet and slippery and therefore seemed like a good idea?

As you can see, I occasionally get sucked into a vortex of '80s awesomeness, via your local thrift store. Can't quite remember from which shops these particular items hail — likely somewhere in suburban Minnesota — but it doesn't really matter. The pants used to be stirrups. I cut 'em off and had 'em hemmed. Hopefully I won't regret it one day when stirrups make an enormous comback. (Hey, never say never.)

My necklace, on the other hand, is a wonder to behold. It comes from the exact opposite of a thrift store. Stephanie Lake, a jewelry designer friend of mine, gave it to me approximately one year ago, at my going-away party.

It's high time I showed you some of Stephanie's designs. They're mindblowing. She travels the world picking up interesting bits and pieces, then arranges them into crazy-awesome statement necklaces. Check it out:


That's just a taste. Go to her website for a whole bunch more.

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