The Styling Brilliance of Giovanna Battaglia

W - December 2012

 Vogue Japan - April 2012

W - March 2012

W - November 2012

Vogue Japan - November 2012

I'm sure some people imagine wardrobe styling as a fluffy, fancy cakewalk. Who wouldn't want to play with amazing clothing, shoes and accessories all day? But there's so more to styling than than putting together a decent outfit. The best stylists have an imagination that allows them to see the whole picture well before the day of the shoot. They have a clear vision and know how to tell a visual story. And having an excellent Rolodex doesn't hurt either.

When she's not appearing on street fashion blogs everywhere, Giovanna Battaglia styles for some of the best magazines in the world. Her eye for detail, color and print combinations, and ability to balance trends are unrivaled. You can't help but feel something when looking at her handiwork. And that is the precise reason why not just anyone could do her job.

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