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The Great Seattle Exploration

My friend Vanessa came to Seattle for a visit this weekend, and we somehow managed to experience the perfect blend of tourist activities and insider fun.

Space Needle!

Breakfast at Café Flora, an all-vegetarian restaurant.

Shopping, obvs.

Pike Place Market!

Seattle Underground tour in Pioneer Square = creepy.

Cheap Korean food at Kimchi Bistro (Bi Bim Bap Dol Saht, their signature dish = heavenly).

Pizza, anywhere, everywhere, all the time.

Speakeasy! Love this place.

Waiting in line to get into a Michael Jackson laser light tribute show, which was totally awesome. I highly recommend seeing a show of this nature in any city.

I'm seriously having a blast discovering all that Seattle has to offer. Any recommendations for must-visits? Leave 'em in the comments.


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