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OUTFIT POST: Skinny jeans and a boyfriend buttonup

If I could only wear one outfit every day, it'd be these grey skinny jeans and this oversized heather-pink men's buttonup shirt that I got from a thrift store in Bismarck, ND (on my trek from Minneapolis to Seattle). Maybe the heels — it'd depend on where I'm going. Possibly the hat, if it's raining or super sunny. But definitely the shirt and jeans!

This is my favorite silhouette lately: tight on the bottom, loose on top, masculine-tinged. Sometimes I'll leave the shirt unbuttoned with a t-shirt underneath or layer another buttonup (and/or vest) on top. It's all very '90s, I know. That's cool with me. I was painfully unstylish in the '90s, so this is my chance to do it right.

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