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Mary Katrantzou Fall/Winter 2012

My mind is blown. This is the F/W collection I've been waiting to see. I hadn't even heard of Mary Katrantzou, a 28-year-old (!) Greek designer, until these images started floating around after London Fashion Week in February. But it seems she's already taken the fashion world by storm, dressing Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Anna Della Russo, with features in Vogue, W, etc.

The attention is certainly warranted. Look at these prints! Now look again! She's snuck in unicorns, telephones, clocks, typewriters, jewels and bows, layered with psychedelic patterns rich in depth and exploding with color. It takes serious genius to dream this stuff up. Did I mention she's only 28 years old? WHAT THE HELL.

The other incredible thing about this show is that it required almost no styling. So many designers (ahem, Marc Jacobs) rely on kooky styling to make their collections interesting, but Katrantzou's dresses are already wildly interesting in and of themselves. That's rare.

My pal Elizabeth pointed out that Katrantzou just released a diffusion line with Topshop. Of course it's already sold out and selling for hundreds on eBay. Not that I have access to a Topshop anyway, but hey, it's fun to dream.

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