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Aging Gracefully

I love this shot of legendary fashion designers Carolina Herrera and Diane Von Furstenberg at last night's  CFDA nominee announcement. Aren't they both the definition of aging gracefully? Herrera is 73 and Von Furstenberg is 65, and they're as full of life as ever. Granted, they both have tons of money and maybe a little unnatural "help," but I'm talking more about their style and presence.

There's no need to lose a sense of style after a certain age, or stop caring about how you look. I think many women think they get a free pass upon hitting retirement age, and maybe you do to a certain extent, but personally, I think it's amazing for a 73-year-old woman to pull back her hair, throw on some lipstick and hit the town in heels. I hope I never get so tired that I stop caring. It's nice know that I can look to Carolina and Diane for inspiration.

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