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The Right Way to Shoot Mad Men Fashion

Remember five years ago when Man Men came out and suddenly every photo shoot, ad campaign and runway show was early-60s themed? We couldn't get enough petticoats, underskirts, cat-eye sunglasses, just-so hair and Jackie O scarves. I even did a retro-heavy bridal shoot in a rented mid-century modern house in the suburbs.

It got old after about two years, but the campaigns kept coming. In fact, Banana Republic is still pushing its Men Men-themed collection down our throats today. It's become the most unoriginal concept in the universe.

So leave it to Vogue to take a tired idea and spin it in a way that feels fresh, beautiful and exciting.

I love this story. They prevented it from sinking into clichéd territory by dressing the models in women's clothing loosely inspired by the '60s — some in silhouette only — but seriously updated. Take the shoes, for example. Women wore ankle-strap shoes, yes, but not ankle strap shoes with cutout sides or four-inch flatforms. Or, consider the hair — sure, bouffants were all the rage, but they were generally smooth like a helmet. The hair on these models looks crimped and texturized and slightly messy — another fresh twist.

The backdrops also help set the scene without being too opressive. Can you imagine if they'd shot this in an actual '60s-style office building? Ugh, how literal and boring. Instead, this watercolor set places the models in time without looking campy. I wonder if Vogue commissioned an artist to make these. They're pretty amazing.

Anyway, speaking of Mad Men, is anyone else incredibly excited for the premiere of the new season? I'm counting down the days ... only 11 to go!

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