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My Latest Thrift Store Finds

I've found so much pretty stuff at the thrift store lately. It's a great way for someone like me to shop because I'm a minimalist who likes getting rid of things. This way, I can donate to the thrift store and pick up new items along the way without verging into hoarding territory. And it satisfies my urge to shop without breaking the bank. AND I happen to love vintage clothing and décor, so really, it's perfect.

Some of my latest treasures:

This little wooden catch-all is perfect for tidying up my countertops, which are often strewn with jewelry, pocket change, receipts and other miscellany. I like its 60s-mod leaf-like shape and separate compartments.  I've since seen similar styles at two other thrift stores since buying this one for $1 in Boise a couple weeks ago.

I found this sheer Calvin Klein Sport lavender blouse for $2 in Boise. It's been great for warmish spring weather. I like wearing it with black skinny jeans, a tank top and a long pendant necklace.

I got this blanket last month at the Goodwill bins in Seattle. Have you ever been to the bins? It's where donations get sorted before ending up in Goodwill stores. Shoppers dig through the bins and pay for their purchases by the pound. It's cheap, but gross, because nothing's been washed yet. You have to wear gloves and be pretty careful. I don't go often, but was feeling adventurous that day. This handmade blanket was my only find — $2.

I'm a sucker for vintage florals and knick knacks, and this tin hit the spot. It's empty, but I was thinking about making it into a candle. It could also be good for storing dry foods or recipes.

Once again, I can't turn down pretty little knick knacks. I almost put this tiny fabric painting back, but my friend Caitlin convinced me to buy it, and I'm glad I did.

Last but not least ...

It's a freaking tiger. On a wooden plaque. Staring into the distance. For $1. How could I NOT buy it? The best part is that I'm not the only one — at some point, someone else owned this solemn tiger too. Hilarious and amazing. Currently taking bets on how long my boyfriend will allow it to remain on the wall.

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