I'm Mary. It's nice to meet you. This blog is a tiny space on the internet to document my musings on style, travel and culture. Enjoy!

Whirlwind Week

I instagrammed my way from Seattle to Minneapolis and back again. Here's my weekend in a nutshell:

[left] The boyfriend and I at our friends' wedding in Minneapolis. [right] Wedding desserts!

[left] Flowers I picked up upon returning to Seattle. [right] Rooftop dining with pals in Minneapolis.

[left] Partying with friends in Minneapolis. It was like I'd never left. [right] Lovely Lake Calhoun. I miss it so.

[left] Downtown Seattle from my roof. [right] Beer occasionally turns my boyfriend turns into a cardboard robot.

[left] Vanessa and Georgia, two of my besties. [right] My pretty twin sister at her baby shower with Dad in the background.

[left] Mother's Day pedicure, an annual tradition. [right] Chillaxin' post drinks and dinner on the roof.

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