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WEEKEND GETAWAY: Olympic Rainforest + Pacific Ocean

My boyfriend and I drove to the Olympic National Park last weekend for a romantic stay in the rainforest. It was amazing.

Please excuse my lack of makeup and proper haircare. This is me at my most outdoorsy. But don't worry — I didn't hike in this outfit! I actually wore hiking shoes, yoga pants and a totally unattractive raincoat.

Ew! Gross! What's this slug doing, invading my fashion blog?!

The entire forest was draped in moss. I felt like Tarzan.

This meant no sitting down unless you wanted to get wet and squish a bunch of innocent foliage.

We stayed at the beautiful Lake Quinault Lodge, which I highly recommend. It's got an old-school Dirty Dancing vibe, and it's surrounded by rainforest.

If you like huge trees, this is the vacation for you. I'm not even the biggest tree fan, but it's hard not to be impressed by natural skyscrapers. The tree in this photo is actually kind of short compared to the redwoods we saw.

We definitely want to come back and canoe around the lake. But alas, two days wasn't enough time.

The views are stellar. Mountains galore!

The lake ended up being a precursor to the grand finale of our trip ...

... the Pacific Ocean, a mere 40 minutes away. This is Ruby Beach, home to giant boulders, shallow caves and miles of sand.

Sittin' in a cave, pondering life's mysteries.

I <3 this boy.

Sperry Top-Siders hold up quite well on the beach ... but once they get wet, they stain your toes!

I hope you all had similarly amazing weekends!


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