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The Puzzling Appeal of Marc Jacobs

Fashion editors love Marc Jacobs. His seasonal shows, no matter how wack-a-doo, always bring in waterfalls of praise. He's one of the youngest household names in the industry. Girls who like fashion, but don't know much about it, almost always cite Marc Jacobs as a favorite designer.

I don't get it. Yes, he pioneered the grunge movement; yes, he lost a bunch of weight, got super hot and put himself in his own ads; yes, he wore a lace dress to the Met Gala; and yes, he's crazy creative. But do you really want to wear his clothes?

These are photos from Marc Jacobs' Fall/Winter 2012 ad campaign. I can think of one person on the planet who might dress like this, and her name is Helena Bonham Carter.

I get that he's trying to be edgy and artistic, and this isn't the first campaign of his that looks like it was shot with a disposable camera (I've actually come to refer to it as the Marc Jacobs exposure), but come on. He must not be concerned with selling clothes, because these photos aren't exactly pretty, cool or put-together — attributes that tend to interest the typical woman.

Even taken piece by piece, I can't find much that I'd want to wear. I'm writing off the makeup and hats as styling pieces, but the coats look like sofa upholstery.

It's like he's trying to do the exact opposite of what you'd expect from a fashion photograph. And perhaps therein lies the appeal. But it's still puzzling.

Maybe I'm just unevolved and can't see that these are the trends of the future. Help me out here, guys. Are any of you big Marc Jacobs fans? Care to explain the appeal?

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