Bits & Baubles

It's about time I let you in on some of the thrifty treasures I've picked up lately. The collar necklace above was one of those heart-stopping impulse buys — can you believe I got it on for $16? Incredible deal. I thrifted the two pictures recently too; my boyfriend hates the little girl picture — he says it's scary in the same way clowns are scary — but that's kind of why I love it. The Liberty of London for Target mug makes an excellent holder for my combs, toothpaste and makeup brushes (here's the same one on eBay for $14.50). And, after searching for months, I finally found the perfect vintage spoon-rest for my stove.

Last but not least, the little bottle above contains my new DIY eye-makeup remover: olive oil! No more chemical-laden drugstore removers for me. As it turns out, all you need for thorough eye-makeup removal is a few drops of olive oil (or any type of edible oil) and a cotton ball. It's convenient, cheap and healthy.

And now for the latest trend in body piercing ...

Kidding! I picked up this awesome spike ring at Buffalo Exchange a couple weeks ago. I love the weirdly violent illusion it creates. I get a lot of double-takes, to say the least.

I adore this chic coffee table book, printed in 2005. The opening spread features none other than Rita Hayworth on a yacht in Capri. Daydream-inducing stuff.

I'm such a sucker for fabric paintings. This one hasn't found a proper home yet, but I might just let it hang out in the hallway for a while longer.

You can never have enough boyfriend t-shirts. I snipped the sleeves off this one for more of a rocker look. Paired with cutoffs and sandals, it's summertime perfection.

Here's another one with a trompe l'oeil print. I cut the sleeves off this bad-boy too. Did I mention it's finally hot in Seattle? These t-shirts are my reward for waiting so long.

And last but not least: the free pile ...

I've started a little collection of shells, stones and other natural bits from outdoor excursions with my boyfriend. The rock in the upper left corner is actually a piece of fossilzed driftwood; the bark in the lower right corner is from a Redwood tree; and the hollowed-out stones got that way from fervent bits of sand that created holes over time. And the rest ... well, they're just pretty.

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