OUTFIT POST: Street Walker

photos by vera pashkevich

Hello, new favorite jacket. It's perfectly oversized, acidwashed and slighty beat up — just the way I like it.

This weekend was AWESOME. I arranged for two of our favorite Minneapolis friends to fly in on Friday night and surprise my boyfriend for his birthday, which was Saturday. We spent the entire weekend partying up a storm, with karaoke, speakeasy drinks, decadent dinners, weird-as-hell cupcakes, barhopping, flea markets, late-night hot-dogs, a creepy cat mask and, of course, the Superbowl. It was like cramming several months of hanging out into two spectacular days. Whew!

Now I have three days to recover before heading to New York Fashion Week on Thursday. I can't wait! My schedule is looking really amazing this season, and I bought some new overcoats just for the occasion. Follow along with my NYFW adventures at Nordstrom's blog, The Thread!

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