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OUTFIT POST: Stripes and Peplum

OUTFIT POST: Stripes and Peplum

photos by  vera pashkevich  

photos by vera pashkevich 

I've had this striped vintage blouse for so long that I even can't remember where I got it anymore. It makes me feel like a court jester every time I wear it ... which means I don't wear it very often.  In fact, I think I may have sold it during my last big closet purge.

In that case, these photos represent our last hurrah. See ya later, stripy jester shirt.

Who's excited for the weekend? My boyfriend and I are heading to Mount Rainier for a couple nights. If you're following me on Instagram, you'll notice that I've taken to hiking almost every weekend. It involves three happy things:

1) Exercise ... and the reward of a big dinner afterward. 

2) Mini road trips to enchanting places (he drives; I DJ). 

3) Seriously bitchin' views

The only downside is ugly hiking boots, an unfortunate wardrobe necessity when you're clomping through the woods.

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Brigitte-Bardot-Inspired Fashion Shoot

Brigitte-Bardot-Inspired Fashion Shoot

Alexander Wang Resort 2014

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