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My 2015 Style Resolutions

My 2015 Style Resolutions

photo by  elisabeth toll  for lindex

photo by elisabeth toll for lindex

Let it be henceforth known that 2015 shall be the year of The Best Wardrobe Ever ... should I get my shit together and adopt a few seemingly easy resolutions. I have about a 50 percent success rate with these things, so bear with me.

1. Invest in higher quality, timeless clothing. It's tempting to collect inexpensive, trendy pieces that fall apart after one season. Instead, I want to fill my closet with luxurious, versatile styles that I'll wear forever.

2. Get pickier. I love searching for unique vintage finds at the thrift store, but sometimes the thrill of the hunt and dirt-cheap prices cloud my vision. This year, I'm resolving to only buy good-quality pieces that I absolutely love. My wardrobe doesn't have room for iffy, damaged or subpar clothes — even if I think I can fix them.

3. Make room. Nothing feels more cathartic than a good closet purge, but my current twice-annual weed-out isn't cutting the mustard. It's time to institute a one-for-one system: for every new piece that comes in, an old piece must come out.

4. Stop procrastinating. Raise your hand if, like me, you have a pile of clothes that need mending, dry cleaning or ironing. This is just plain sad. Those clothes will remain in sartorial purgatory until I get off my ass and sew, iron and hit the cleaners'. No more excuses!

5. Don't boredom shop. Unlike my boyfriend, who hates shopping, I find it relaxing and fun. Browsing my favorite online stores is right up there with reading my favorite blogs — except it's far more dangerous, because I always find something I want. From now on, I'm only shopping when I actually need a particular item — not when I'm looking for entertainment.

6. Read labels. I'm pretty good about this already, but I resolve to continue paying attention to fabrics and laundry instructions, and let go of potential purchases that don't meet my standards. Which basically means less polyester. And for the love of god, fewer dry-clean-only items!

7. Just go for it. Sometimes I'll try an outfit on and think, "Ehhh ... I love this, but can I really pull it off? Am I trying to hard? Does it look like me?" That's insecurity speaking, and quite frankly, it can STFU already. If I love it, I shouldn't let fear prevent me from rocking it.

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