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Scratchy Sweaters. They're Everywhere.

Scratchy Sweaters. They're Everywhere.

I'm not someone who likes drinking pumpkin spice lattes, layering socks over tights, and jumping in piles of leaves. For me, fall is a time for mourning the loss of summer — nothing more and nothing less. The single good thing about this season is the opportunity to bury oneself in layers of soft, snuggly sweaters.

If you can find any.

I'm having the HARDEST time shopping for sweaters, you guys. Nearly every style I've found so far is irrefutably, uncontrollably scratchy as hell. 

Sensitive skin aside, a large part of my problem is that I insist on shopping online. I know, I know. You have to be able to feel the fabric before you buy it. But I don't have time to drive to a million different stores and wade through crowds of other desperate sweater-seekers. It's so much easier to just peruse half a dozen websites from the comfort of my couch. And it's way easier to find the sales.

The only surefire soft fabric is cashmere, but sometimes a girl doesn't want to drop $200 on a single garment that's guaranteed to pill within six months.

Merino wool can go both ways — sometimes it's just as soft as cashmere, and sometimes it's like wearing a Brillo pad.

Any sort of blend — especially a wool blend — is similarly risky, and more often than not turns out to be scratchy.

I've had decent luck with 100% cotton sweaters, but almost never come across them.

Polyester is a toss-up. It's usually terrible with a few oddball gems thrown into the mix.

Mohair, like cashmere, is almost always whisper-soft, but you have to be ready to look like a baby lamb, unless it's a blend, in which case, see four sentences ago.

I've tried men's sweaters, but they're often even scratchier than women's (sorry, guys!).

Do any of you have sweater fabrics you live by? Particularly those for sensitive skin? Let me in on your secret sources!

(image above by daniel riera for velvet magazine)

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