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NY Fashion Week: Charlotte Ronson

I arrived in New York Saturday morning, just in time to unpack at my pal's Upper West Side apartment, grab a bite to eat and head to Lincoln Center for Charlotte Ronson's show.

Here it is, in all its glory. The entrance to the shows is at the far left under that big rectangular box.

Security stands at the top of the stairs, checking passes. I've noticed you can often breeze right past them if you don't make eye contact and walk with confidence, but sometimes they stop and ask for credentials.

Here's the scene inside the tents:

It's a bit of a madhouse. I had no idea where to go when I first walked inside, but they do a pretty good job coralling people into the correct lines. And speaking of lines; they're everywhere -- one to get your seating assignement, to get into the show, to get to your seat, to get out of the show. I've done quite a bit of waiting in the last 24 hours. But when you're surrounded by a fabulously dressed crowd, it's not so bad. The people-watching is out of this world.

I sat in the sixth or seventh row at Charlotte Ronson. It was pretty easy to see everything. Samantha Ronson, Charlotte's sister and Lindsay Lohan's ex-girlfriend, DJ'ed, going heavy on the '90s. The finale song was Lisa Lobe's "Stay (I Missed You)."

The music definitely fit with the clothes as everything was grunge-era-inspired. Long, floral-print dresses, flannels tied around waists, camo-green, slouchy socks, army boots and lots of sheer fabrics. Sadly, Lindsay Lohan was not in the audience.

Here are my crappy photos, followed by's fabulous photos.

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