NY Fashion Week: Z Spoke by Zac Posen

Immediately after Charlotte Ronson's show, I headed down the hall for Z Spoke by Zac Posen. This show was incredibly fun. The looks were theatrical, playful, colorful and a little bit surreal. Many of the models wore silly oversized glasses and thick swaths of colored shadow across their eyes. I was excited to see tons of prints and even a screenprinted top here and there. Can you believe this is Posen's more affordable line? Everything looks so chic and glamorous. (Then again, by "affordable," I mean $600 dresses and $100 t-shirts) I hope some of these looks end up on RentTheRunway.com. That'll help out those of us with a different definition of affordable.

Several celebrities turned out for the show. Here's The Hills' Kristin Cavallari getting interviewed near her front row seat.

And here's a whole gaggle of celebs -- (left) Carmen Electra, (middle) Claire Danes, a friend of Posen, and (right) Jay Manuel from America's Next Top Model.

And on the the fashion! Here are my crappy photos:

And Style.com's fabulous photos:

Before I forget -- a model fell during this show! Everyone in the audience gasped when she fit the floor, but she handled it like a pro, quickly getting up, all smiles, and pumping her fist in the air triumphantly. We all applauded. Models, if you're about to fall, laugh the whole way down.

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