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Backstage beauty at Rodarte Fall 2011

Check out these gorgeous backstage photos of Aveda's work for Rodarte on Tuesday. I'll take you through it step-by-step. (bear with me — this is my layman approach to the intricacies of hair styling.)

First, everyone stands around and watches as the boss shows 'em how it's done. There are stylists from salons across the world, and my guess is they didn't have much practice time beforehand.

The look starts off with some serious product application.

Next, they start twisting and pinning it back on one side, gathering from the back of the head as well.

Then comes the braiding.

Looks to me like a mini fishtail braid, which has been pretty hip in the hair world lately.

And voilà! A perfectly sexy, disheveled, milkmaid-meets-bedhead look. I love it.

It seems like every stylist had a slightly unique take on it, but the overall effect is the same.

So pretty and ethereal. No hair binders necessary. All that product probably helps hold it together.

I like to think that I'd be able to recreate something so seemingly simple at home, but c'mon. Let's be serious.

Here's the real star of the show, "It" girl Lindsey Wixson of the oh-la-la lips, gap teeth and cleft chin. I swear I saw her on almost half the catwalks this season. Girl gets around, and with good reason — she's gorgeous.

Here are the same styles coming down the runway.

I really like the way the hair complements the clothes. It's got a great textured mussiness that juxtaposes well against the hard angles in the designs.

Let's not forget the celebrities in attendance.

Ms. Anna Wintour, who singlehandedly delivered fame to Rodarte's Kate and Laura Mulleavy.

The aforementioned sisters. How much you wanna bet they weren't popular in high school and now everyone from Pasadena is trying to friend them on Facebook?

Tavi Gevinson, who's famous for being 14 and starting a fashion blog that many people care about. I don't think her blog is as mind-blowingly awesome as it's hyped up to be, but I do find it impressive that she's so well-versed in pop culture from before she was born. How many ninth graders do you know give a shit about PJ Harvey?

And Kirsten Dunst, you virgin suicide, you. I like your cute little polka-dot dress, but I wish you hadn't worn a bra with it. Ruins the sheer neckline. Get some double-sided tape.

Kanye! I figured he'd come to this show after attending the last one. I wonder what thought-process occurs to make him choose Rodarte over other shows. It's a wise choice to be sure, but what does Kanye know about fashion? I guess about as much as I know about hip hop, which is enough to enjoy it, and in the end, that's all you really need.

All images courtesy of Aveda Corporation.

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