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This weekend's thrift store finds

I ended up going on a bargain-shopping bonanza this weekend, hitting up four thrift stores and one flea market. Here are a few of my favorite finds:

I got this pretty little tray set at the Fremont flea market in Seattle for $10. I'm planning on displaying atop my soon-to-be-purchased coffee table.

I also snagged this necklace for $10 at the flea market. Tried talking the lady down to $5, but she wouldn't budge. And honestly, it's worth way more than that anyway. But hey, it's a flea market — you gotta barter.

I found this vintage stool at Value Village for $10 and this '80s print at St. Vincent de Paul for $3. The stool will live in my entryway to help with the hopping around I've been doing while putting on shoes. I'm not sure yet where I'm going to hang the print. Possibly my hallway or bedroom.

I found these sweet cocktail glasses at St. Vincent de Paul as well, for $0.69/ea. Aren't they rad? My cocktail enthusiast boyfriend is gonna love 'em.

Here's yet another St. Vincent de Paul find — a 1984 copy of Sophia Loren's Women & Beauty, $2. She gives advice on applying makeup ("I discovered that my eyes look their best when I use a dark, neutral color, blending it upwards from above my lashes"), exercise ("If you don't exercise to keep your abdominal muscles firm, your stomach will stick out. Girdles make the problem worse because if you rely on them, you never use your muscles"), and fashion ("My favorite elegant uniform begins with a pair of well-tailored black slacks"). She also covers men, relationships and charm. I plan on reading it cover-to-cover.

I gasped when I saw this one. Vintage Givenchy is incredibly hard to find in the thrift store (Value Village, in this case). This cute little henley sweater will look perfect with my wide-leg jeans and some heels.

I actually bought this nautical painting at Goodwill a couple weeks ago. I'm a sucker for ships and fabric paintings, so this was a no-brainer.

I've been trying to find a wooden elephant figurine with both tusks intact for months, and finally lucked out at Goodwill. They're almost always broken, but not this one. It's hanging out next to a picture of my grandma from the 1930s.

Last but not least, I scored this amazing copy of Family Circle's Guide to Beauty from 1972. Paging through, I was surprised at how relevant many of the articles are, especially with the '70s craze in the hair world. It covers everything from choosing the right haircut to "party face fresheners" to at-home facials to weight loss. Some of the advice is hilarious and some is spot-on. Check it out:

Not bad advice. Grace seems to be one of the many attributes women aren't taught any longer. It's a shame. I wish I'd gone to charm school when I was a kid. Maybe I wouldn't be so clumsy and bumbling.

The artwork is priceless. Thinking about cutting out this page and putting up up somewhere.

Would you believe me if I told you this is a guide to strengthening your face muscles to get rid of wrinkles? Yep. There you have it.

No Photoshop on these pages!

Different hairstyles and how to use rollers to achieve them. I'm very tempted to try some of these styles. I haven't slept in rollers in years though. Not sure how that'd go ...

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