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OUTFIT POST: '90s Jeans + Perforated Sweater

OUTFIT POST: '90s Jeans + Perforated Sweater


photos by vera pashkevich

 These are the baggy jeans that I mentioned in my last post! Wearing them feels kind of funny after so many years of skinny jeans and, before that, boot-cut and flared jeans. I haven't worn this style since the good ol' '90s. I cuffed the legs at the ankles, but I'm also considering letting them hang down, free-style, bunched up over some heels. An idea worth exploring.

This is, however, my first time wearing a perforated sweater. I found it at Redlight Vintage in Seattle a couple week ago. It's the awesomest shade of mustard yellow, one of my favorite clothing colors.

Oh, and my necklace! My boyfriend and I made it during a random crafty, D.I.Y night (something that never happens, considering how far we are from the crafty, D.I.Y. type). I picked up some metal tubes from a hardware store, suede string from a fabric store and voilà — a necklace was born. I like its geometric, minimalist feel. It's perfect for pairing with cozy sweaters and simple blouses.

My shoes are new too. I've been seaching for the perfect pointy-toe kitten heels and these hit the spot. They're also supremely comfortable. I'll be wearing them all over NYC during Fashion Week next week.

OMG. Next week. That's really soon. I still have so much to do! Eeeeeeek!

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