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OUTFIT POST: Back to Basics

OUTFIT POST: Back to Basics

photo by  erik simkins

photo by erik simkins

Slouchy t-shirts, breezy skirts, simple-as-can-be heels — basics are all I feel like wearing lately! I did a big purge of my closet last week, taking out all the old crazy vintage pieces I no longer wear. For some reason — maybe I'm getting older? — I'm feeling drawn to a minimal, classic aesthetic. Nothing too busy, nothing too complicated.

Here's all I feel I need:

- a collection of perfectly draped t-shirts
- a few pairs of great jeans: skinny, boyfriend and wide-leg, in a few different washes
- sleek, button-up blouses, preferably silk
- the perfect tailored black blazer
- the perfect pointy-toe black heels
- classic black ballet flats
- vintage pencil skirts
- the perfect pair of tailored black trousers (still on the hunt for these)
- delicate, minimal jewelry
- ultra simple sandals, like the ones in this post
- a collection of cashmere sweaters and cardigans, crewneck & v-neck, in neutral hues

Am I just really boring right now or something? I can't stop craving this stuff! I wonder if I overdid it with years of wild 'n' crazy vintage, and now it's time for a palette cleanser.

Anyone else yearning for a back-to-basics wardrobe??

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