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Friday night I went to Macy's Glamorama at the Orpheum Theater. It's a pretty spectacular event, with runway shows by Tommy Hilfiger, Jean Paul Gaultier, Versace, Sonia Rykiel, Madonna's "Material Girl," Just Cavalli, Alberta Ferretti, Marc Jacobs, Issey Miyaki and performances by Macy Gray and Eric Hutchinson.

The show was fun, but even better was the fabulous after-party on Macy's rooftop overlooking downtown. Hundreds of people, dressed to the nines in suits and heels and glittery gowns, packed the rooftop, drinking and dancing and taking endless photos. I ended up in quite a few of them, so I figured I'd do an outfit post.

I picked up this look the day before the show. The dress is from Cliché, one of my favorite boutiques, and the necklaces are by two local designers. The top one with big, chunky crystals is by Bionic Unicorn, an eco-friendly line by Kristin Berwald. You'd be wise to check out her Etsy store, especially if you're in the market for a flashy new statement necklace — they're her specialty.

The lower necklace of thick, metallic chains is by Andrea Oseland of Cocoquette. I've known about Cocoquette for a while and admired Andrea's fashion styling from afar, but I didn't know they were one and the same until just the other day! Andrea actually helped me put this outfit together, as she works part-time at Cliché. I think I'm now her biggest fan.

On to the outfit! The following photo was taken by Ellen Dahl and posted on The Minneapoline, her street fashion blog.

Here's a photo of me taken before the show with my pal Christopher Straub, fifth place runner up on Season Six of "Project Runway." We're doing our serious model faces.

My purple paisley clutch is by {AO3} Designs, also a local label. And my shoes are the very same Jessica Simpson pumps I was raving about in my last post. Aren't they cute? It's too bad they're not comfortable at all, and I totally fell on my face running to catch the bus in them. Not sure I can bring myself to put 'em back on after that painful experience. Live and learn, right?

Here are a few more shots.

Here I am with style maven Christina Holm-Sandok, former fashion director of Twin Cities Statement magazine. Could she be any cuter? I think not. Love the necklace combo.

Can I just point out how annoying that blue wristband on my arm is? I hate when events force you to wear their tacky plastic "accessories." I'd much rather a discreet stamp on the inner wrist than a god-awful bright blue band on my arm.

Here's a side view. I have no idea who this lady is. Taking photos with strangers is always a good time.

The night got a little silly after this.

Me, Juleana Enright, culture editor of l'etoile, and stylist Hollie Mae Schutz.

L'etoile art director Chris Larson, wearing a sweater by Kevin Kramp, and fashion editor Jahna Peloquin, in Joynoelle, joined in for some high-class shenanagins. I pretty much love this photo.

Arts curator Emma Berg joined in, wearing an outfit of her own design. Aren't we an eclectic group?

The night ended with me in a cab, nursing my sore feet, already excited for next year. Seems to be how many of my nights end these days — I'll take it!

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