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Behind-the-Scenes: Bridal shoot

My art director and I trekked up to Duluth, Minn. for a seaside bridal fashion shoot a few weeks ago. Typically we shoot fashion in town, but the photographer, Joel Larson, and wardrobe stylist, Grant Whittaker pitched a blue-themed, beachtown story we couldn't pass up. I've been looking for an excuse to shoot there for a while, and the end of summer seemed like the perfect time.

Lovely, right? We did eight or nine shots total, including a couple on this path.

The end of the path led to this picturesque beach. I had no idea there were beaches like this in Minnesota! It looks like the ocean! We were shooting on a Tuesday, otherwise I'm sure the beach would've been packed. AJ, the stylist assistant, and I were the only ones to take off our shoes. How could you resist?

Our first shot was on the front porch of this little blue cottage a block from the shore. The photographer scouted this location ahead of time, walking in off the street and asking the owners if they'd be up for a quick photo shoot. Luckily, they were totally into it! Sometimes people are leary of magazines, but everyone we came across in Duluth was a trooper.

Our next shot took place on a bow of a private yacht parked in the private dock of an amazing house right on Lake Superior. I had a hard time paying attention to the model because I was so enamoured with the owner's property. He was this incredibly tan shirtless man who looked a little "Fear and Loathing," if you catch my drift. It'd be hard not to be carefree living where he does.

Next we shot on a different beach where our photographer had arranged for a small, old-fashioned airplane to hang out in the water near the shore. This shot will require a bit of Photoshop magic, as the plane had to be held in place with rope so it didn't drift away, and the model had to walk on clear plastic so as not to damage her gown.

This shot took place on a dock belonging to Duluth's rowing club. We kept getting interrupted by teams of rowers hauling fifteen-foot boats over their heads and into the water. I was thrilled with how this photo turned out though. The shape of the model's hair is so lovely (thanks to hair/makeup artist Angelia).

Our last few shots were on the beach. By this time it was so cold outside, and we were all so underdressed, that crew members began scavenging for warmth. Here's Angelia and my art director, Janet, wrapped in plastic sheeting and bright blue tulle. Brrrr!

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