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Grunge Bride

This is one of the last fashion editorials I did before leaving Minnesota Bride earlier this month, and it's now one of my favorite stories. Everything just came together, from the styling to the model to the lighting to the overall feel.

My art director, Janet, and I started with the photographer, Lena Lakoma. We knew that we wanted to work with her and knew that it needed to be in-studio. From there, we met with Lena and went back and forth on a concept before deciding on a relaxed grunge theme, inspired by a postcard-sized image Janet had torn from a magazine.

Once we had our concept down we knew we needed a strong model who could carry the story, since it'd be about her attitude just as much as it'd be about the clothes. I suggested Ashlee Walker from Vision, having worked with her before, and we all agreed she'd be perfect. And yep, she was. I'm so glad I got to work with her one last time before she headed to New York this winter.

Next, we needed to find a stylist who could handle the dichotomy of grunge and bridal — two concepts that don't exactly go hand-in-hand. Jahna Peloquin was a natural choice as someone who understands the recent grunge resurrgance and had already proven reliable in handling valuable gowns and accessories. She found really great pieces and had plenty of ideas ready to go.

For hair/makeup, we hired Fatima Olive, who was fantastic. I didn't have to give her hardly any direction at all — I just showed her Janet's sample photo, told her the vibe and she came up with the perfect rocker hair and punchy yet clean makeup.

It was such a great shoot. They rarely go so smoothly! I'm really proud of the way everything turned out and couldn't be happier with letting this be one of the last bridal shoots I organize.

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