Vogue Paris' incredibly tacky fashion shoot

Let me start out by saying that I typically try to post aesthetically pleasing photograhs on this blog, and quite often Vogue and supermodel Karlie Kloss factor into that. But today I have the sad duty of reporting on what I consider to be a full-blown fashion tragedy. Observe:

I don't even know what to say. This fashion editorial from the March 2012 issue of Vogue Paris is one of the ugliest stories I've ever seen. It's like stylist Marie Chaix and Kalie Kloss were competing to see how horribly Chaix could dress her and whether Kloss could model through the tacky. I'm sorry, Karlie, but Chaix appears to have won. There's nothing remotely elegant, artistic or interesting about this mess. Windbreaker legwarmers? Silver moonboots? Drawstrings that draw absolutely nothing? I realize "sporty" is a big trend right now, but this takes it to an extreme even Serena Williams herself could not condone.

It's a sad day in the fashion world.

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