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OUTFIT POST: The Modern Sailor Dress

photos by Vera Pashkevich

I'm in love with this vintage sailor shirt-dress that I found at a thrift store in Boise last month. It's one of my all-time favorite scores. I've attempted to modernize it with a thick leather belt, men's panama hat, mini crossbody bag and some white peep-toes. So comfy.

My new friend Vera and I went for a stroll around Capitol Hill, snapping these photos. She's crazy talented. I love all the artistry floating around this city.

Speaking of Seattle, I've turned into a total yuppie over the last few months. I joined my local co-op and eat organic and package-free as much as possible. I quit my bank and signed up with the local credit union. I walk to work, take the bus and go weeks without driving my car. I do yoga in my living room. I compost. Hell, I even bought hiking shoes the other day (no, they will not be making an appearance on the blog — it's gonna be hard enough for me to wear them outside my apartment). I am a full-blown granola-eating, documentary-watching YUPPIE. It feels kinda great.

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