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Stylish Films: Mermaids

I watched the Cher / Winona Ryder movie Mermaids for the first time the other day. The plot is mildly entertaining (more so if you're a teenager), but the clothes are fabulous. It's set in the early '60s but shot in the late '80s, so it's this weird mix of '80s-trying-to-be-'60s. Cher's a total babe throughout the movie and Winona Ryder works those doe eyes like nobody's business. She was only 19 when it was released, but had already shot Beetlejuice, Heathers and Edward Scissorhands. And then there's itty bitty Christina Ricci, who just sits around looking cute (she's a mere 10 years old).

Anyway, some of the fashion is pretty dead-on.

Peter Pan collar? Don't mind if I do.

This type of skin-tight Bettie Page dress was Cher's uniform for most of the movie.

Except when she threw on some high-waisted, skin-tight capris.

Let's get a closer look at that hair.

Bouffant city! It's gotta be a wig, right?

I prefer Winona's dress in this scene. And hey, look — it's tiny Ricci! She had approximately four lines in the entire movie.

LOVE this fuzzy, oversized sweater on Cher. She paired it with trim jeans and flats, an outfit I'd totally wear today.

Smokin' in the boys room. I love the dress on blondie. Kind of a psychedelic paisley.

Oh Cher, you are too adorable. Let me just say that if I could turn back ti-ime (if I could find the way), I'd totally be your best friend.

Tease that hair, Winona! Tease it like you've never teased before! I wonder if they had volumizing spray back in '60s or if it was all about backcombing.

For the longest time, I confused this movie with Splash, the Tom Hanks / Darryl Hannah flick about an actual mermaid. I thought maybe Cher played a mermaid opposite Tom Hanks in Mermaids. Not so. She just dresses up as one in a couple scenes. Laaaaame. Let's see you swim some laps, Cher!

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