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My Anti-Me Halloween Costume

Camper / Backpacker / Outdoorsy Mary. In other words, the antithesis of my very being. I borrowed everything from my (very outdoorsy) boyfriend's closet, including the giant red backpack, which smashed into pretty much every person at the party.

The most boring thing you can do for Halloween is wear something that resembles your real-life attire. So, for example, if you're normally quite girly and stylish, don't be Anna Wintour or Lady Gaga for Halloween. It's too obvious. Instead, be a trash collector or a gremlin or a beanbag chair or something.

I've tried to abide by this philosophy for my past few costumes, after going as a flapper too many years in a row (snooze-fest). It's resulted in rather manly attire, and as you can see, this year was no different.

I should note that the only aspect missing from this photo is the fact that I'm wearing socks with sandals — an important detail. Also, the glasses served no real purpose other than to give the costume more interest. They ended up on almost everyone else's face throughout the night anyway!

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